From our range

  • Guided tours through the exhibitions
  • Lectures
  • Readings from works by Fritz Reuter or Low German literature and folklore (literary session)
  • Guided tours of the town’s literary locations
  • Organising guided tours of the town church and synagogue
  • Special events related to various genres: readings
  • Book presentations, musical and literary evenings, concerts, cabaret
  • Special exhibitions
  • “Dat ganze Bauk in ein Johr” reading series
  • Museum festivals
  • Festive presentation of the Fritz Reuter Literature Prize
  • Extensive range of literature (High and Low German) in our museum shop

The literature museum you can touch

Museums aren’t cool?
Think again!
Touching, trying things out, playing and having fun, discovering new things – you can do all this at the Fritz Reuter Literature Museum.

School classes, kindergarten groups or even individual children and youth groups:
Our museum is an attractive place to play and learn for all young and old explorers.

Discover our offers:

  • On a journey of discovery with Sophie through the fascinating life of the writer, Fritz Reuter
  • Age-appropriate guided tour (hands-on, of course)
  • Low German children’s games in the museum courtyard
  • Fritz Reuter and the animal world in his works
  • Knowledge game about the animal world
  • Quiz lesson about Fritz Reuter and his works
  • Individually by arrangement with the museum staff

Children’s event 1 hour/per event €30.00 plus € 1.00 admission/child

If you’ve any questions at all:
Please don’t hesitate to ask – we always try to help.
We are convinced that there will be something for everyone, but we’ll let the master himself speak for himself on this occasion:

When someone comes and says to me, “I’ll do right by everyone!” Then I say, “my dear friend, with favour, O, teach me this weighty art!” (Fritz Reuter)