Ernst Lübbert

Ernst Lübbert was born in Warin on 26th July 1879. His father is an official counsellor in Warin. The family moved to Stavenhagen in 1886, when his father obtained a position there as a clerk.

Ernst Lübbert attended the Stavenhagen public school and, from Easter 1889, the private boys’ school.

Without the prospect of financial aid, Ernst Lübbert, aged just 17, travelled to Berlin, took private drawing and painting lessons for a short time and was accepted to study at the Königliche akademische Hochschule für die bildenden Künste in 1896. In 1897, he was awarded a scholarship from the Boldt Foundation.

During his studies, Ernst Lübbert was awarded prizes, including prizes for drawing in 1898 and honours for composition exercises in 1901 and 1903.

From 1903 to 1904, he served his one-year voluntary service in Wismar and was discharged with the qualification of officer. [?After completing his military service, Lübbert returned to Berlin.?] He worked as a freelance artist, advertising illustrator and caricaturist. With his principle source of income being advertising Above all, however, Ernst Lübbert turned to portrait and genre painting. From 1909, Lübbert’s paintings were shown at art exhibitions in Hamburg and Berlin.

Lübbert was called up on 2nd August 1914 . On the same day, he married his long-time girlfriend, Hedwig Techel. Full of patriotic feelings, he left for the world war. But at dawn on 29th August 1915 – during an assault on Lipsk near Grodno on the Njemen -–Lieutenant Lübbert, now the company commander, was fatally shot in the stomach. He died at the age of thirty-six.